Monday, April 30, 2007


There are two or three people who visit this blog quite regularly and spend more than just a few seconds looking about, but never leave any comments. I'm very happy that they're interested - heck, I'm happy anyone is interested in my drawings - but I'm also curious what they find of interest here...

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Chris said...

Stats often mislead, but not in this case. I can account for two lurkers on your blog - myself, and my girlfriend Courtney. In fact, Courtney looked up your site, found your blog, and told me that the blog existed. Why did she look you up? She wanted to know much more about the (lost) friend I talk about, and talk about, and talk about.

I've been spending time looking at your sketches (more brillant than ever), and reading up on this & that. Sorry not to comment - I thought it would be too much. But I did email - although I suspect that by not replying you didn't get it, are entirely disinclined, or perhaps have things keeping you very occupied (practically and emotionally).

Anyway - if you care to say hi, say hi. I'm not going anywhere. I'll stop lurking if you ask too. It's all up to you. But I'd much prefer to grab a pint.

Visitor mystery solved, at least...