Sunday, March 4, 2007

MORE robots

Ash Wood's Popbot style on the right

1 comment:

your family from Hakuba!! said...

hello! how are you?
we are kishi family!
we are sorry for not write a comment on your sketches soon.

Otosan's comment:
your rough sketches particularly robot's one look like Hokusai style. and one of robots can be in Raputa.

Okasan's comment:
it's very omoshiroi! like a manga style. you should be,,, you can be a manga writer!!

Yan's comment:
I like everything and my favorite is the drawings of bold guy one. it's really good.
by the way, who is Ash Wood? is he a comic writer or something?

nanka-, we still took a look only robots' sketches. we wanted to write you right away. we'll check and enjoy other your works from now on!